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Shower Filters Improve Indoor Air Quality

man in showerSo, all this time that you’ve been showering (umm…you do shower, right?), you probably were not thinking about the gallons of chlorine pouring upon your body, not only being absorbed by your pores, but also being inhaled by your ever-assaulted lungs. At any rate, your home’s water, unless you own a private well, is more than likely chlorinated. Chlorine is definitely not the devil in this world of toxins in which we live. It is actually an effective disinfectant, and that is very important. Nonetheless, despite being declared safe enough to be in our tap water, it is best to reduce your exposure to chlorine. It is toxic to breath chlorine, and it isn’t so great for our hair and skin. Perhaps you’re thinking that you don’t inhale your shower water? Well, hopefully, not directly or on purpose. But, because chlorine is a gas that has been liquefied and combined with water, it actually vaporizes when it is sprayed, such as from your shower head or faucet. We then absorb more chlorine simply by showering than we do by drinking water. What’s even worse “inhaling in the shower,” are the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are in our showerheads.

No fear, and please, please don’t stop showering! A quality shower filter can improve the air quality in your home, by filtering out all of those harmful toxins. It can also improve your hair and skin. More good news: it’s a cheap fix–they don’t cost much at your local hardware or green living store. Be sure to purchase a low-flow showerhead while you’re at it!